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mbp land. [27 Feb 2019|03:30pm]


[20 May 2011|07:43pm]
I hate doing this because I have absolutely enjoyed my time here as Kristen. I have made memories that I will carry on into the future. As much as I adore Kstew and her whole twilove, I just don't have the heart for this role anymore. Someone can do her way more justice then I have. I would hate to be known as a person who was only around every once in a while. She's rad and definitely deserve someone who will fucking love the shit out of her enough to at least want to be around. With that said, i am closing and CHOOSING my replacement. If you are interested in the role please pm' me and be prepared to provide examples. Last thing I want is a buttfuck ton of bullshitters who will do nothing but waste time. 

So long and thanks for all the fish. Much love to those who have been wonderful! xx

edit: go add ks 
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